Shelter Ads Contra Costa

Everyone – if you see an CCAS promotional photo that is past its due date, one with errors, or believe that one is missing, please contact
Also new ads are needed – for instance for cats: spay/neuter, seniors for seniors.


Meet Your Match – Feb 2018 Valentines
end on Feb 18!!!

Seniors for Seniors – dog (and cat)

Senior pets are calm, smart, loving – dog

Surrendering your pet (dog)

Why adopt A shelter pet – cat

Benefits of Spay/Neuter – Dog

You Can’t Buy Love

More Cute Animals This Way

Kuranda Beds for Dogs

Kong Dog

Adopt a Senior Dog – Australian Shepherd

Canned Meat Jars
now on sick pet wish list

Diamond Animals Jan 31, 2018 remove on Feb 28, 2018
version 1 (somehow I did this one twice)

Diamond Animals Jan 31, 2018 remove on Feb 28, 2018
version 2 (somehow I did this one twice)

Why adopt a shelter pet – dog

Volunteer orientation dates 2018 last one March 24

Always a kitten! (in here twice, oh well keep them both)

Spay/Neuter Cats thru June 24, 2018

No one told me I am a senior dog


We Like Big Mutts!

I’ll always be a kitten (in here twice oh well keep them both)


Got Mice our working cats can help!


Obedience classes – dog

Classes are full. Removed at Jenny’s request.

Hot car
cannot use has old phone number

Shout out to rescue groups

Life is easy with more puppies

Surrendering Your Pet 2017

Kitten fosters needed (spring through fall) 2017

job animals admissions and adoption coordinator March 23, 2017

2017 spay dates through Oct 8

Kuranda Beds for Dogs
changed to be direct from Kuranda
not Amazon wish list

Got mice 2 – removed because doesn’t have contact info

The face you make
removed at Jenny’s request