FoundMeApp Demo

What is AdoptMeApp? (quick demo on screen)

AdoptMeApp SJ widget – photos and videos

What is FoundMeApp?
How can FoundMeApp improve RTO and overall shelter goals?

  • Adds photo and video to stray animal PetHarbor pages, increases recognizability of pet. video example

  • Outreach to the community:
    • via PetHarbor & Twitter
    • via AdoptMeApp “Found Pet” widget which can be placed on any web page:
  • Storytelling engages the community
    • staff can display to public the great care stray pets get at SJACC (via each pet’s AdoptMeApp diary, social media reach, etc.)
    • staff can share their love of the animals with the general public
    • if the pet becomes adoptable or available to rescue, the story continues – potential adopters become more engaged when they know more about the pet. Also provides a window into how much care goes into making a stray into an adoptable pet
    • Eventually will tie into AdoptEDMeApp