Mac – macaw

mac.mainName: Mac
Species: macaw
Age: 100 years
Sex: male
Animal ID:  1015

I’m visiting my bird friends who live as pets.  The cockatiel is Mo and the parakeet is Luca.  They have wonderful lives with their people in Palo Alto, CA.  Me?  I’m a wild free bird living in the jungle.  I just come to visit my buddies once a year.  Some macaws are kept as pets and that’s OK too.  We live a long time though so be sure to include us in your will!

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Mo – cockatiel

mo.mainName: Mo
Species: cockatiel
Age: 21 years
Sex: male
Animal ID:  1013

I live in Palo Alto, CA and I really am 21 years old! I hatched in December 2004 in Saratoga, CA.  I  live with several of my hatchmates and a couple other geriatric cockatiels.  We sing all day long but can’t fly anymore.  That’s ok because we’re happy.  Our diet is Harrison’s pellets, LeFaebre treats, and fresh veggies every day.  Sometimes we get oranges or strawberries too.  I like to sit on my person’s shoulder and scream in her ear while she works on the computer.  And if there’s a phone call – oh yes, we all join in!

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