Ticky – Let me be your blood relative!

cropped-bunny.tick2_.jpgAnimal ID: 1001
Species: tick
Age: 4 days
Location: Bunny & Tiki

I’m an adorable large tick looking for a new home as this big dog Bunny is tired of my bloodsucking behavior and this little dog Tiki isn’t a big enough meal! Can I come and live with you and your family? I get along great with all warmblooded creatures! People, kids, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, horses, cows, elephants, tigers, guinea pigs, kangaroos, mammals mammals mammals! I just love them! Best of all, I don’t require any care or even any food! I find my own. And I love to sleep in bed with you, the more mammals the better! Mmmmm — let me kiss you now!

Tick on Tiki 4

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