AdoptMeApp Tips and Tricks

Here are some Tips and Tricks and references to additional information.  This page is basic now, we will improve it as time permits.  If you have a request of something to be added, please make a comment.  For immediate help, please email

AdoptMeApp home page has a feed of all posts.

The sections are: Basic Questions, How do I?, Known Bugs and Resources

Basic Questions

Do I need a Twitter account – NO
How many posts can I make a day? For each animal? NO LIMIT, the more the better!
What is the best way to take a photo?
Use your creativity! But if there is one technique to master, it’s the ability to crop the photo. Remove extraneous landscape, walls, ceilings, floor, cage bars, cat boxes, etc.
What should I write as the photo caption? Use your creativity! You do not have to put in the animal’s name, we automatically generate that info.  Many people post in the voice of the pet, but use whatever style fits you.
Which animals are in the app?
All animals that have a name and meet the criteria defined by your shelter director/manager. All adoptable animals are in the app, but for some shelters “special needs” animals are also in the app.  The animal MUST have a name in the name field, which could be the animal ID.  More info
What happens to the link to the pet profile AdoptMeApp (on Twitter) after an animal exits the shelter?
This is dependent on the animal management system used by the shelter combined with the decision made by your shelter director/manager. More info soon.

How do I…

Add a video? How to Info
Delete a post? Right now you can’t. Just re-post correctly and send email to We will delete the first one.
Put AdoptMeApp on my laptop? How to Info
Re-set my password? Right now you can’t. Email to and we will fix for you.
Sign up for the AdoptMeApp “Appster” Facebook Group? Go here to sign up
Find out who made which post? List for all shelters. There is also a list for each shelter. More info soon. I’ll add this shortly so that you don’t have to dig through all the posts from all the shelters. Yes, I know it’s tedious.
Find out the status of any animal that is in the AdoptMeApp database? How to Info
View all or shelter-specific posts without using Twitter?
– Each shelter has a widget for their posts.
– There is also a widget for all of the shelter posts.
– These widgets can be embedded into any webpage – all of them are here on this blog (not in any particular order):
AdoptMeApp All Shelters’ Widget
Contra Costa County Animal Services Division AdoptMeApp Widget

– San Jose Animal Care Center AdoptMeApp Widget
Animal Allies Humane Society AdoptMeApp Widget
Front Street Animal Shelter City of Sacramento AdoptMeApp Widget
Stanislaus County Animal Shelter Modesto AdoptMeApp Widget
RSPCA Queensland Australia AdoptMeApp Widget
Fluvanna SPCA AdoptMeApp Widget
— San Diego Humane Society AdoptMeApp Widget
Find my shelter’s AdoptMeApp Twitter feed? Will add shortly.
Find the Twitter feed of all of the AdoptMeApp shelters?
(latest tweets also in a Twitter widget at

Known Bugs

So sorry  but we do have some known bugs that we are working on over time. Please feel free to report them to to let us know when you encounter them. Also, if you find other bugs, we really want to know about those too!
1. App says no picture attached but there is a picture attached. Please take a screen shot and email it. Just continue and you shouldn’t have a problem.
2. App suggests you restart. Generally you don’t need to do this. Just keep going and it seems to be fine.
3. Weird overlap of characters and images. This is most obvious in the pet name which gets messed up. Generally you have to restart the app to get this bug to go away.
4. More? Let us know.


AdoptMeApp user webinar Will add shortly.
How does AdoptMeApp work? Will add shortly.
Why does AdoptMeApp post to Twitter (instead of…)? Will add shortly.
AdoptMeApp Volunteer Roles (draft) – Will add shortly.
How does a new shelter sign up for AdoptMeApp? Will add shortly
Why is the vision of AdoptMeApp? Will add shortly.
What is the business model of AdoptMeApp? Will add shortly.
Who are the people behind AdoptMeApp? Will add shortly.
How did AdoptMeApp get started? Will add shortly.