About AdoptMeApp Demo Shelter

This is the demo shelter for AdoptMeApp and SponsorMeApp, powered by Kachingle.  Please feel free to play around in the demo shelter using our mobile app – AdoptMeApp – available in AppStore and GooglePlay.  Just grab your favorite toy stuffed animal, find a match, take a photo, and make a post!  No training required, only the ability to take a good photo and write a pithy quip (in the voice of the adoptable toy animal). The output of the app goes to both social media (intially Twitter @AdoptMeAppDemo) and is pulled also pulled into our AdoptMeApp widget in each “pet profile”. The Twitter feed is also placed on the AdoptMeAppDemo page on Facebook.

AdoptMeApp is a free service for animal shelter and rescue organizations.  It is also available to wildlife sanctuaries.  For further information please visit:

AdoptMeApp.org – one page description of AdoptMeApp and SponsorMeApp – Includes a live feed from our partner shelters.

AdoptMeApp & SponsorMeApp powered by Kachingle – corporate information on Crunchbase